ACA GEO offers a range of specialised services, supported by a highly qualified and experienced technical staff, in the field of special foundations and geotechnics.

We have innovative and technologically advanced equipment that enables us to respond effectively to the most demanding geotechnical challenges.


Special Foundations

We execute the main types of deep foundations recommended in engineering projects and works, namely piles, using continuous flight auger technology, traditional piles, using "Kelly" piles and Micropiles, with drilling diameters between 100mm and 300mm, using Repetitive Selection Injection (IRS) or Global Unit Injection (IGU).


In the context of works involving deep excavations, requiring special containment in order to guarantee the stability of the slopes and the safety of neighbouring structures, and also in works to stabilise existing slopes, we are qualified to carry out the most varied types of work associated with these situations, namely Pile Curtains, Micropile Curtains, Concrete Walls and Fences, Stabilisation and Protection Wire Mesh, Temporary or Permanent Anchors and even anchored walls of the "Munich" or "Berlin" type.


We carry out a whole range of fieldwork with the aim of collecting data and processing geological-geotechnical information relevant to the geotechnical projects sizing, such as, for example, drilling rotary boreholes with sample collection, drilling using hollow augers, carrying out in situ tests of the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) type, dynamic penetration tests of the PDL, DPH and DPSH type and carrying out hydrogeological, Lefranc, Lugeon and Pumping tests.

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