November 28, 2022

ACA Geo finished in October the special foundations work in the works of art and slope contention in Escariz, for ACE Ferrovial/ ACA.

To better understand this work, we talked with Paulo Leocádio, ACA Geo's Operations Director.

1 - Briefly how did ACA Geo's intervention in this project develop?

ACA Geo was the company contracted by ACE Ferrovial/ACA to carry out special foundations in the structures and embankment containment using a nailed system with mesh and shotcrete as well as anchored beams.  The execution of these embankments became a challenge, as they were carried out in record time and in high height excavations, and were only possible through the use of special equipment acquired by ACA Geo with reinforced means and teams.

2 - What is your final balance of the largest project in which ACA Geo was involved?

In works of this dimension and in what concerns the work done, the final balance is always positive. We highlight the experience gained in the execution of slope containment, where the methodology adopted was innovative, using technologies that allowed the reduction of the construction phasing, thus increasing yields and productivity.